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Folk House Porakishvli

Porakishvili’s hall in one of the important sights in Tbilisi and the unique example of one of the oldest Georgian dwelling houses in the district of old Avlabari.It is so called “The hall” which was the property of Porakishvili’s family. Basically such kind of architecture design could be rarely found solely in Eastern Georgia even in late XIX century.

For a long time Porakishvili’s hall was in the state of emergency. Later the owner of the “Kopala” hotels chain rescued the house from disappearance and complete destruction. He completely restored the building according to the painting of the house by the German painter Karl Carr in 1903.The ground works were carried out and walls were restored. The twelve-faceted, crown shaped arches and both main poles of the house were replaced. The built-in closets and cabinets were mended, and the water well was reconstructed into the hall. Herewith, another building which seemed to be later adjacently built dwelling house, lately was converted into the building of Kopala hotel, suitably and harmoniously combined with the look of old Tbilisi.

During reconstruction process the unique basement was discovered.it was built of the Georgian brick by vaulted order and astonishingly survived throughout the centuries.

Porakishvili is a unique ethnographical museum which awakes feelings of emotion and inspiration within the hearts of many visitors.

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